Premium (requires premium membership)

1 Orbisius Amazon Wishlist This plugin allows you to include multiple WishLists Amazon WishList into your WordPress site/blog. It uses [orbamazonwishlist] shortcode to replace the wishlist's contents. The data is stored for 8 h... Download (latest ver.1.0.7)
2 Orbisius bbPress New Topic This is a premium bbPress extension that improves the usability of your bbPress forum. By default the New Topic/Reply form is at the end of the page. When this plugin is active it will create buttons ... Download (latest ver.1.0.6)
3 Orbisius bbPress Vertical Forums Orbisius bbPress Vertical Forums This bbPress extension allows you to show forums one after another and not grouped on one line separated by commas. Just install and forget. Download (latest ver.1.0.1)
4 Orbisius Blank Slate Pro Orbisius Blank Slate Pro is an improved version of our free Orbisius Blank Slate Plugin (available on This plugin allows you to delete (selected) content from your WordPress site/blog.... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
5 Orbisius Broken Shortcode Checker Orbisius Broken Shortcode Checker has the following features/benefits This WordPress plugin allows you to see which posts and pages are using shortcodes that are no longer replaced. This can happen d... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
6 Orbisius Child Theme Creator Pro This Pro addon builds on top of the Orbisius Child Theme Creator's existing functionality. = Child Theme Creator Pro Features = * Better Theme Editors * Improved theme and file dropdowns in Theme Edi... Download (latest ver.1.0.4)
7 Orbisius Conditional Content Orbisius Conditional Content This plugin allows you to show some piece of content only on GET request and another on when the page is accessed via the POST method. This is very useful when you have a... Download (latest ver.1.0.1)
8 Orbisius CyberStore Ext Affiliates Download (latest ver.1.0.1)
9 Orbisius CyberStore Ext Alt Download Email Orbisius CyberStore Ext: Alternative Download Email Allows you to give your users a chance to use an alternative email that the download link to be sent be to. If the user is logged in their email a... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
10 Orbisius CyberStore Ext Change Checkout Lang Orbisius CyberStore Extension: allows you to choose the language on the PayPal checkout page (defaults to English). To use it go to Orbisius CyberStore → Settings Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
11 Orbisius CyberStore Ext Change Order From Orbisius CyberStore Ext: Change Order From Email. Allows you to change the from email (defaults to To use it go to Orbisius CyberStore → Settings Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
12 Orbisius CyberStore Ext Paypal Micropayments PayPal Micropayments Orbisius CyberStore Extension: allows you to switch to a PayPal Micropayments account if the amount is $11 or less. That way you'll save a lot of money. To use it go to Orbisius ... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
13 Orbisius CyberStore Ext Richtext Richtext Editor Orbisius CyberStore Extension: replaces the simple text box for the order email content (download email) with richtext editor. To use it go to Orbisius CyberStore → Settings. T... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
14 Orbisius CyberStore Ext Style Order Form Orbisius CyberStore Extension: Allows you to change how the buy now form looks like e.g. add, border, background, padding etc. To use it go to Orbisius CyberStore → Settings Download (latest ver.1.0.1)
15 Orbisius Embeddable Formidable Orbisius Embeddable Formidable Allows you to embed Formidable forms using an iframe. Features / Benefits * Central location to load and control your forms * Easy to use Download (latest ver.1.0.3)
16 Orbisius Fb Open Graph Tags This is a plugin outputs an image in such dimensions that facebook will like (1200x630). Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
17 Orbisius Lowercased Usernames This plugin will modify the usernames of users that register from now on to be all lowercase. Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
18 Orbisius Media Property Editor This premium plugin allows you to change attachment properties with a single click. Download (latest ver.1.1.3)
19 Orbisius Mibew Chat Installer Orbisius Mibew Chat Installer allows you install Mibew messenger. It completely simplifies the installation of the Mibew chat ( software. The plugin will install mibew, create databases, co... Download (latest ver.1.0.3)
20 Orbisius Mibew Chat Inviter Shows the Mibew online chat logo if the user stays for several seconds on a page AND if there are operators online. Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
21 Orbisius Modest Youtube Branding Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
22 Orbisius Never Delete Admin Orbisius Never Delete Admin This plugin allows you to select an account that will not appear in the user list or be deleted. = Features / Benefits = * Pick an admin account to protect and save * Th... Download (latest ver.1.0.1)
23 Orbisius Pin Login Orbisius Pin Login This plugin allows you to have another layer of security. Users must enter a pin in addition to their username and password combo. Features / Benefits * Extra security to the site... Download (latest ver.1.0.1)
24 Orbisius Remove Widgets Orbisius Remove Widgets This plugin allows you to select which widgets to enable or disable. The widgets will be hidden as long as this plugin is active and enabled. Download (latest ver.1.0.1)
25 Orbisius Right Height Orbisius Right Height This plugin will help will adjust the height of a sidebar if it is taller than the primary content. Sometimes, you write a short blog post/page and that way the main content ... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
26 Orbisius S2member Protect Subpages Orbisius Protect Subpages for S2Member This plugin allows your subpages to *inherit* the access level of one of its parent pages. It can protect bbPress subforums too. = Features / Benefits = * Aut... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
27 Orbisius S2member Restricted Downloads **Orbisius S2member Restricted allows you to restrict file downloads based on user's membership level. Requires S2Member. = Benefits / Features = * Restrict file downloads based on the user's members... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
28 Orbisius Simple Feedback Ext Log Feedback Orbisius Simple Feedback Extension: records the feedback that was sent by the users. Usage Install and activate this plugin. It will start logging the feedback messages. They will be listed in Settin... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
29 Orbisius Smart Navbar This premium plugin makes your main navigation stay on top when users scroll down on the page Download (latest ver.1.5.0)
30 Orbisius Studio Manager Orbisius Dance Studio Manager allows you to manage your Dance Studio activities such as income from membership cards, dance lessons etc. == Description == Orbisius Dance Studio Manager features * Ma... Download (latest ver.1.0.3)
31 Orbisius Subpages Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
32 Orbisius Theme Editor Orbisius Theme Editor This plugin allows you to quickly edit theme files. To use it go to Appearance → Orbisius Theme Editor It features two editors and you can pick snippets from one theme and ... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
33 Orbisius Theme Switcher Orbisius Theme Switcher This plugin allows you to preview/switch to any installed theme on your site. The change is only for the current user. = Features = * Switches to a new theme by preserving th... Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
34 Orbisius User Css Js Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
35 Orbisius Utm Orbisius UTM If you drive traffic to some of your pages e.g. from fb, Google or from blog articles and you pass the utm parameters (Google Analtyics) this plugin will save that information. When a ... Download (latest ver.1.0.6)
36 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Custom 404 Page Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
37 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Custom Order Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
38 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Filter Downloads Download (latest ver.1.0.6)
39 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Flex Price Orbisius Flex Price for WooCommerce This WooCommerce extension allows you to bulk change the prices change product prices (up/down) for all products or for a selected category and its subcategories. ... Download (latest ver.1.1.3)
40 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Horizontal Tabs This premium WooCommerce extension allows you to switch to horizontal WooCommerce product tabs again. = Features / Benefits = * Simple interface * just activate and the product tabs will become horiz... Download (latest ver.1.0.7)
41 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Min Max This is a premium WooCommerce extension allows your customers to buy predefined min/max quantities. It works with our Quick Order plugin. Download (latest ver.1.0.2)
42 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Order Status Color Customizer Download (latest ver.1.0.0)
43 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Paypal Micropayments Orbisius PayPal Micropayments for WooCommerce Settings Orbisius CyberStore Extension: allows you to switch to a PayPal Micropayments account if the amount is $11 or less. That way you will save a lot... Download (latest ver.1.0.2)
44 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Percent Off This premium WooCommerce extension allows your customers to buy see % discounts. It works with WooCommerce and our Quick Order Download (latest ver.1.0.3)
45 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Price Changer This premium WooCommerce extension allows you to change product prices (up/down) for all products or for a selected category and its subcategories. = Features / Benefits = * Allows your users to quic... Download (latest ver.1.1.3)
46 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Quick Order This is a premium WooCommerce extension that lists all the products on one page and allows users to quickly order products. = Features / Benefits = * Allows your users to quickly order your products ... Download (latest ver.1.3.4)
47 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Quick Order Search Adds a cool search for quick order plugin. Download (latest ver.1.0.1)
48 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Random Product Download (latest ver.1.0.2)
49 Orbisius WooCommerce Ext Reset Download Limits This premium WooCommerce extension allows you to reset download limits. This is useful when you update the product file(s) and want your users to be able to download the files again. = Features / Ben... Download (latest ver.1.0.9)


1 Admin UI Simplificator Download
2 Bixt Download
3 Contact Form 7 Ui Download
4 Ditto Download
5 Ecommerce Dashboard Download
6 Like Gate Download
7 Member Status Download
8 Orbisius bbPress Enhancer Download
9 Orbisius bbPress Notify Me On Follow Up Replies Download
10 Orbisius bbPress Signature Download
11 Orbisius Blank Slate Download
12 Orbisius Child Theme Creator Download
13 Orbisius CyberStore Download
14 Orbisius Just Write Download
15 Orbisius Limit Logins Download
16 Orbisius Member Only Downloads For S2member Download
17 Orbisius Messenger Download
18 Orbisius Quick Follow Download
19 Orbisius Quick Nav Download
20 Orbisius Resume Organizer Download
21 Orbisius Simple Feedback Download
22 Orbisius Simple Notice Download
23 Orbisius Simple Shortlink Download
24 Orbisius Snippets Download
25 Orbisius Theme Fixer Download
26 Orbisius Warning Suppressor Download
27 Permalinks To CategoryPermalinks Download
28 UI For WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart Download
29 Whitelist Ip For Limit Login Attempts Download
30 WP Mibew Download
31 WP Notes Remover Download
32 WP Partner Watcher Download