Do you need your website site moved to a new hosting provider?
We can help. We have the tools to move large sites (size in GB)

Our Website Migration Process is this:

  • Gather as much information as possible about the site and the services that are being used
  • Planning
  • Backup the existing site
  • Package the whole site and transfer it from the old hosting to the new hosting directly. This makes the transfer really quick.
  • Do some set up on the new server (configure cPanel, create a new database and assign database user)
  • Import the database
  • Configure the site with new host's info
  • Recreate any email and FTP accounts
  • Do some tests (we can test if the site was transferred successfully before the DNS is switched using hosts file - developers know this)
  • Switch the domain to point to the new server
  • Tell the client that the work is done
  • Have a beer/wine depending on the season


Shall we begin? Contact us and we'll go from there