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Orbisius Custom WordPress Plugin Requirements

Please, provide as many details as possible that way I'll be able to see the big picture better.
How is the plugin supposed to work?
The user interface can be done on a computer e.g. using Google Drawings [https://docs.google.com/drawings/] or even pictures taken from a phone.
Also please include any future plans with the plugin.
Is the plugin going to be communicating with external service or site.
How is it going to process and visualize the data.
Who is going to be using it?  that information would help me plan the user interface accordingly.
Only planned features will be implemented. Therefore if a section will need an admin interface that should be mentioned.
If the project is large we can break it down into several milestones.
If the project specs are going to be stable then I can look into providing a rough quote.
Any changes after the estimate is sent will be estimated and possibly the project's quote as well because things may need to be implemented differently.
If the features will be planned regularly or if there will be changes every two weeks based on the feedback from previous ones then we'll do hourly billing.
The final spec document should outline all the necessary features that need to be done in an itemized fashion.