How to Find the Latest Day of The Month in PHP

If you ever need to find the last day of the month in php this is how to do it. You convert to seconds the current year and month and then let date() function to find what's the last day of that selected month. <?php $year = 2024; $month = 2; $last_day_of_month =...

Adminer Login "Session expired, please login again"

Did you have the same problem? Well, do make sure that adminer can access the session folder or if there's a restriction such as openbase dir.(php open_basedir). To check you may need to create a temporary file called 000info.php with the following contents.You can...

Short Links in WordPress Without a Plugin

Short Links in WordPress Without a Plugin

Have you ever wanted to have short links (example.com/123) to your blog post, so the links are not cut off in social media posts or emails? Over the years we came up with the following Apache rewrite rules that you can insert into your .htaccess file. As always backup...

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