How to Create a Thread on Twitter

A Twitter thread is a series of connected tweets posted by one person. It allows you to tell a story or share information over the course of several 280-character tweets. It’s good to write the tweets in a text file first. The first tweet is the main one. It’s not...

How to Add a Host to Docker Container /etc/hosts file

You may have been tempted to have the following line in the Dockerfile but it won't work because Docker Daemon manages container's /etc/hosts file. RUN .... echo " host.docker.internal" >> /etc/hosts The solution is to use extra hosts parameter to the...

How to Remove WordPress Site Health Check

How to Remove WordPress Site Health Check

What is WordPress Site Health Check? It is a feature in the WordPress admin available under WP-Admin > Tools > Site Health or by going to YOUR_SITE/wp-admin/site-health.php. It does some useful checks e.g. if the php version is recent, if you have inactive plugins or...

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