Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subscription service that you provide to users. You have the control over it and can push updates easily and regularly.

The users don't buy a software and can install on their computers but they create an account on your service, sign up for a (monthly/yearly) plan to use the service.

The benefits of SaaS are that there's a recurring revenue for the owner. For the end user it's the low monthly or yearly cost.

We have created services for clients. Here are our SaaS products that target a given niche.

  • => Allows you to set up a test WordPress site in seconds
  • WPSandbox - try new plugins and themes quickly on a temporary WP installation (without registration)
  • Static Optimizer - - helps you optimize images and other static files such as JavaScript and CSS
  • => Targets Eastern European e-commerce market for quick e-store creation.
  • => Service that allows people to test drive plugins/themes from on a temporary demo site (self deletes after certain time).


When you are ready to get your SaaS service done or existing one finished contact us and we'll try to help as much as we can.