We understand that sometimes you need a feature or bug fix to be implemented quicker than planned.

As you know we have many products and clients to take care of therefore we need to prioritize a lot.

Here are our priorities

  1. Client Work OR Fixing Security Issues (if any) with Premium or Free products
  2. Improving / Releasing, or Providing Support for Paid Products
  3. Improving / Releasing Free Products and Providing Support

If you want us to drop what we are doing in most cases we'll be able to accommodate that if it's really urgent, however, you will have to pay extra for that.
If the matter is not that urgent the quote will reflect that.

Feel free to request a Free Quote. Do make sure you describe your request as much as possible so we can get a better idea quickly.

We require 50% deposit before we start.
We will also let you know when we will be able to start on your task.

Note: If it is a security bug then we'll make an exception and will fix it ASAP. Contact us directly via the Free Quote