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The Networking Challenge We All Face
Have you ever bumped into someone at a networking event and drawn a complete blank about who they are? You're not alone. We're all hustling, attending various meetings and events, adding people on Social media. But let's be real, it's tough to keep track of everyone. And it gets super awkward when you can't remember how you know someone. The funny thing is that they're probably struggling to remember you too! 

The Heart of the Problem - remembering faces but not names or vice versa.

Here's the thing: we're super busy, easily distracted, constantly checking our phones and this affects our memory.

Adding someone on social media is easy, but how can you actually remember details about them in the future? We meet so many people, and it's hard to keep everyone straight. But don't worry, I've got a simple fix for this. Writing things down.

A Simple, Smart Solution: Your Personal CRM 

Before diving into the solution, let's quickly talk about what a CRM is. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In simple terms, it's like your personal assistant helping you keep track of all the people you meet, what they do, and your history with them. It's super useful because it organizes your contacts and keeps all those important details in one place, so you can remember who someone is at a glance.

Enter the lifesaver: a cloud-based Excel file. You can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Office Online for this. I've even set up a Google Sheets template you can access and copy to your account or download. Just make a copy, and every time you meet someone new, jot down a few key details – what they do, where you met, when it was, and links to their social profiles. This way, you've got a personal, minimalistic CRM at your fingertips. 

You usually remember at least one thing about a person, right? Maybe their first name, or where they work. That's all you need to find them in your mini CRM sheet later.


Why not download or store the excel file on your computer?

When you store the excel file on your computer or just on your phone you must carry that device with you all the time.

When you store the Excel file in the Cloud, however, you can access and edit the file from your phone or from any device that you have near you. And that's convenient and important. Additionally, you can share that file or some of the info with a colleague in case that would be relevant for a meeting.

A Common Networking Mistake

A common mistake people make after networking events is to automatically add new people to their email lists without their permission. While it might seem like a good idea to keep everyone in the loop, it's actually a bit of a faux pas. It can come off as intrusive and spammy. People usually don't appreciate being added to email lists without their consent. It's much better to respect their privacy and connect in a more personal, direct way.

So there you have it. A straightforward, respectful way to keep track of your professional contacts. Say goodbye to those awkward 'do I know you?' moments and hello to a more organized, efficient way of networking. Happy connecting!

Featured Image credit: Antenna (@antenna on Unsplash) / G1xBWHY

If you implement this simple solution you'll be an Excellent networking professional and will always remember people and what they do and they will like you more and want to do business with you.

P.S. If you ever need some sort of CRM integration with WordPress or email let us know. We might be able to help.

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