Orbisius S2member Restricted Downloads allows you to restrict file downloads based on user's membership level. Requires S2Member.

Benefits / Features

  • Restrict file downloads based on the user's membership level.
  • Shortcode to list all of the files or per level
  • Filenames are sorted alphabetically
  • Easy to use.

How it works?

You upload the files in a membership level specific folder. Only a member with that level or higher can download the filename.
When the plugin is activated it will try to create s2member-files/orbisius-s2member-level folders for all levels (from -1 to 4 including).

How to use it?

1) Upload files
First, you need to upload some files.

Start your FTP client and navigate to wp-content/wp-plugins/s2member-files/
Then upload the file(s) in the desired folder on the membership level.

    • wp-content/wp-plugins/s2member-files/orbisius-restricted-downloads-level-1/
    • wp-content/wp-plugins/s2member-files/orbisius-restricted-downloads-level0/
    • wp-content/wp-plugins/s2member-files/orbisius-restricted-downloads-level1/
    • wp-content/wp-plugins/s2member-files/orbisius-restricted-downloads-level2/
    • wp-content/wp-plugins/s2member-files/orbisius-restricted-downloads-level3/
    • wp-content/wp-plugins/s2member-files/orbisius-restricted-downloads-level4/

-1 files are public downloads i.e. the system will not check if the user is logged in or not.
0 - for logged in members with a subscriber role

2) Add the shortcode

a) list all files
To list all the download files paste this shortcode in a page/post.

The plugin will list all of the files in one table but when a user with lower access tries to download a file he/she will get an error.

b) list level specific files
If you want to list the downloads for a specific user level (3) use the following syntax.
[orb_s2_download_list level="3"]


List files for download (public side) Shows the files in the admin area for all members Shows the how to use the shortcodes in the admin area


Orbisius S2member Restricted Downloads

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