This plugin generates quick follow buttons for many twitter accounts. Useful when you write an article about influencers that you want your readers to follow.

= Features / Benefits =
* Make it super easy for your users to follow the influencers by just clicking a button
* Create unlimited follow lists per page or in multiple different posts/pages.
* Show the follow list either as a list or as grid
* Easy to use

= Demo =
All you need to do is paste this shortcode in a page/post. Make sure include every twitter account (one per line).
You can either use full twitter profile web link or just username.

Rendering in a list (default or layout="list")

Rendering in a grid
[orbisius_quick_follow layout="grid"]


Orbisius Quick Follow screenshot-1 Orbisius Quick Follow screenshot-2 Orbisius Quick Follow screenshot-3


Cost: free

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Download (temporary link)

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