This plugin allows you to see your sale stats on your mobile device. Currently, it supports WooCommerce.
Calculates and shows daily, weekly, monthly and all sales.
All you need to do is append ?ed_stats parameter to your site to access the stats

= Usage =
* Install and Active the plugin
* Go to plugin's Settings page by clicking on eCommerce Dashboard menu
* Enable the plugin
* Set the Stats password
* Save Changes

Now, you can access the stats by appending ?ed_stats parameter to your site link.
You should be prompted to enter password and after you enter the correct one you will see the stats.
The stats link is shown in the plugin's settings page as well.

== Demo ==

= Features / Benefits =
* Allows you to see your sale stats right from your mobile device
* Uses internal WordPress caching mechanism to store data (transient api) and therefore faster later retrieval
* Uses a QR code to access the stats page.
* Easy to use

= Price =


= Downloads =

The plugin is available from



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