Generates a nice & simple Feedback form which is positioned at the bottom center of your visitor's browser window.
The data is sent via ajax to your admin email. The current page is also sent as well.
This plugin is useful when you have a private beta or want to collect some feedback from your users.

Features / Benefits
* Have a quick and easy way for your customers and clients to reach you.
* Get quick feedback for your site.
* Optionally Premium Extension: log the feedback. The plugin extension keeps track of failed and not failed email deliveries (based on wp_mail status)
* For logged in users their info is included.
* The Reply-to field is filled with the sender's email address ... Just hit reply.
* Small box which only expands when the user puts their mouse over it.
* Configure the call to action

Price: free


Orbisius Simple Feedback Plugins


Orbisius Simple Feedback  Settings Page Orbisius Simple Feedback  Live demo (collapsed) Orbisius Simple Feedback  Live demo (expanded)