Orbisius CyberStore (formerly known as DigiShop within the WordPress Plugin Directory) plugin allows you to start selling your digital products such as e-books, reports in minutes.
It generates a simple Buy Now button which directs to paypal and the user is returned to the same page he/she was before the transaction.

Update: 2013-may: we had to change the name of the plugin because of a copyright complaint received by WordPress plugin directory.

Benefits / Features

  • Very easy to use - step1. install the plugin & enter your paypal info; step 2. add a product & upload a file; step 3. insert the select the product and the short code will be inserted.
  • Downloads links are served from the main domain e.g. http://yourdomain/wp?digishop_dl=f47c137ala
  • When download link is clicked the download dialog is shown i.e. the file does not show within the browser (forced download)
  • Handles PayPal Live and Sandbox
  • Allows you to test Sandbox for a specific IP address only
  • Allows a call to be made to another script after PayPal calls the IPN script.
  • Functionality to enable/disable products (when a product is disabled the buy now link will not be shown and the file can't be downloaded even with the download link)
  • Customize the text for the successful and unsuccessful transaction
  • The system sends emails to the site owner to notify him/her about a failed transaction
  • Short codes are just ready to copied and pasted into your pages
  • Update: There is a button in
  • Download expires after 48 hours
  • Download limits: maximum 3 per order
  • Supports free products (since v1.2.3) for download and adds a Download button instead of Buy Now button






Download (from WordPress.org)



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