Sometimes it's just easier to add some content before a given HTML element.
If you don't want to have the before pseudo element show you can use this css for the divs.

div:before {
   content: none;

If you want to remove the before pseudo element for paragraph tags (<p>) use this code

p:before {
   content: none;

If still doesn't work then add try
content: none !important;

Remove the before pseudo selector via another CSS class

An interesting suggestion on StackOverflow (see related links) suggests that you can add another CSS class to remove the pseudo elements. This is cool approach as well because you can remove the before to specific elements only.
You need to add a CSS rule that removes the after content (through a class). { content:none; } { content:none; }

/* global */
.no-after:after { content:none; }

Then you need to add the 'no-after' CSS class to the elements you want.


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