Sometimes we do perform tasks for clients for which we do not seek credit.  If the clients don't know about that how would they appreciate it?

Here is how this issue is handled by a site monitoring company called Montastic. The free account allows you to monitor your site every 30 minutes & send you alerts if any of the sites goes down.

If you have a nice hosting package then your site is always online. That is great news for you. If things continue what way you won't get any alert and of course .... and you may forget about the service that you are using.

The Montastic team thought of that and the system sends a monthly reminder about the monitored sites. Here is text based email. Brilliant! Great Job!

Dear Svetoslav Marinov,

This is a monthly reminder that you have an account on Montastic, the
website monitor service.

Signup date: 2010-08-20
Email you signup with:

[OK] -
[OK] -


To make changes to your account or contact us, go to montastic site

Thank you for using Montastic.

-- The Montastic Crew.

What nice things do you do for your clients?

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