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I've joined twitter 2-3 years ago (@lordspace). At that time my goal was to get as much followers as possible.
I did reach to 2 000 and twitter stopped me from adding new people. This demotivated me from using it.

In the last few months however I started tweeting again. I like it.
It is a cool thing to monitor different hashtags e.g. #startups, #entrepreneurship or local ones e.g. #toronto

The reason I wrote this article is to share a nice auto-generated message when I followed somebody (@PiccoloMess - Penelope Simons)


I don't understand why some people will always be trying to sell you something.
For example as soon as somebody follows them ... they send him/her a private message sending them to a website or a blog.
This totally makes me unfollow them instantly. I took the time to follow somebody and the first thing they do is to send me

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes, I do post promotional messages when I am excited about a cool new product.

 Happy twitting ... and of course follow us on twitter: @orbisius 


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