Maybe you have clients enter some data in a form on your WordPress site and you what that data to appear in the your Google Sheets. That integration would be very convenient because that way nobody has to log into the site to pull data.

As always there are multiple ways to do that.

Option 1: Install a form plugin and look for an addon that integrates with Google Sheets.

That's definitely an option and if you have a favorite form plugin you'll have the form in no time.
You may have to authorize the plugin or the form plugin to access your Google drive.
Depending on the implementation the access keys will be stored on your site.
So technically if somebody manages to hack your site they could find their way to your Google drive.
So if you can limit the access to just one folder that would be better.
You can even create a brand new Gmail email address just for that.

Option 2: Create the form on Google drive and embed it into WordPress.

That's the easiest and more future proof way to integrate with Google Sheets.
This is because the the form pulled from Google's servers via an IFRAME embed code.

You may need to either use a custom WordPress page template or paste HTML embed code provided by Google.