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    Hi there,
    I use WordPress Twenty Twelve. I had a few changes done in main style file css, and only recently i learned that it is recommended to do such changes on child theme. So I installed the plugin, turned it on, created child theme with it, only to find out that the menu of my page (i use a langueage switcher plugin also, so the page is bi-lingual) has gone wild. so i turned off the plugin and removed it. Then i had to put my menu back in place. But now i see that on the server there are right now 3 folders named child theme.
    so before i had: wp-content/themes/twentytwelve
    now i have:
    and when going to dashboard of my page when opening editor i can see in a window “chose a theme you want to edit” 3 x twentytwelve child theme. Even if i removed the plugin.
    should i just manually remove all the child theme folders to have only original twentytwelve?
    and why i have 3 folders of child theme?


    so in other words – how should i return to the place i had before installing your child theme plugin? it seemed not to work the simple way i expected. should i change something in the files of twentytwelve theme now? some code add/remove/change? if yes, what?

    Slavi Marinov


    Our plugin creates the child theme and doesn’t make assumptions about anything else.
    It tries to copy the settings from the parent theme and that’s it!

    After the child theme is created it doesn’t interfere with the child theme.
    With that said the plugin comes with a handy double editor which allows you to make further customizations to the theme.
    On one screen you can copy and paste into the other theme.

    You must have clicked the create child theme button multiple times or refreshed the page.
    To to go back just activate the parent theme. I am sure you had changes made there.

    You can delete the child themes just like any WordPress theme. Just Go to appearance and click on it’s title.
    Somewhere on that popup there should be a delete link.



    thanks! i’m learning slowly how to use all this in WordPress having my level of knowledge. yes, looks like i clicked the pluging a few times, without even noticing it. with menu that broke – i don’t understand why it happened. i definitely need to learn more.

    Slavi Marinov

    You need to ask the theme author.


    While there is life there is hope.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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