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    We use a similar product on our 40+ client sites but have issues getting it to work.

    Happy to buy yours with monthly support if I can get an answer to how the plugin handles people returning to the page they have already liked. I want the like to either 1) expire after a time – or 2) they have to unlike and re-like before they see the content.

    If its option 2 does that repost the “new” like to the likers newsfeed?

    Also can you edit the title, description, link and image that is posted to the facebook newsfeed for any page/post that has the shortcode? Possibly this can be done using the og data?

    Slavi Marinov


    Good questions.

    I know, to maintain the Like Gate functionality can be tricky at times.
    We have to always keep what’s happening with the social networks.

    1) When the user returns to a page (must be using the same browser) the hidden content will be shown (using cookies).

    2) Like/unlike status: the newly liked page it is supposed to show again on person’s facebook wall but that’s totally up to Facebook’s algorithms (I’d say if the unlike/like happens a few days apart. I as programmer would record an event once every 24h). While I was testing the functionality after the 5-6th like Facebook asks you to confirm the like status because it detects that something is not right for a person to like and unlike a piece of content 5+ times in 15min.

    I am curious what are you currently using similar to Like Gate?

    P.S. To other users: new and improved Like Gate Pro version will be posted this week (Latest version doesn’t break Headway, Easy Contact Forms)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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