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    Slavi Marinov

    Like Gate and Like Gate Pro plugins both, in order to work, they require a Facebook App ID. The plugins used one of the app IDs internally that’s why you didn’t have to enter one. With the latest changes with Facebook a facebook app can run on only one or two domains max, therefore using our Facebook App no longer works because we could set it up to use our domains. Now, we have to ask you to create a Facebook app for each of the sites that you intend to use our Like Gate plugins. If things change we’ll gladly remove the requirement of App Id.

    How to Create an app

    Note: make sure you use your site e.g.
    name yoursite like gate
    name space: yoursite-like-gate

    You will need to create a new app for each domain that you intend to use the plugins on.
    This is a facebook requirement. We can’t do anything about it. Unfortunately.

    After you watch the video go to

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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