Dear Reader,

We are often advised how good the walk is for the heart and that it has so many benefits.
This is all true.
I want to stress on something else now.

While walking many people forget that they are out. They put their headphones and walk as they were alone.
Once, I saw a guy on a bicycle listening to some music.
I can't accept that.
Honestly, these people are at serious risk.
They put their lives in hands of the drivers.

I was walking on my way to the YMCA and suddenly one SUV came from my left side and crossed my way.
Probably the driver didn't check their blind spot. The speed of the car must have been at least 40-50 km per hour.
I got very lucky that I wasn't one step ahead.

Here is a sample picture created with Windows Paint.

It is quite strange the day before my uncle mentioned that while walking one should also watch out
for vehicles that go in the same direction as one does.

Lesson #1: is that no matter where you are do assume that all drivers are really really bad drivers.
That will keep you alert.

Lesson #2:
When you drive always always check your blind spots.
These important rules are made because they are needed.
Obey them.


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