You have seen this notice that WooCommerce shows about non-SSL websites.


Your store does not appear to be using a secure connection. We highly recommend serving your entire website over an HTTPS connection to help keep customer data secure.

The most obvious and real solution is to get an SSL certificate, install it on your WordPress site and then replace all the links. Then WooCommerce will stop complaining about this.

If you're using a test WordPress site that will only be used internally and/or to try a plugin or a theme out this message and be safely ignored.

Note: Not-using SSL may cause some payment gateways to not work because they will refuse to exchange data via a non-secured channel.

When you dismiss the notice it gets saved in the current user's meta. This means that other uses on the site will see that.

The notice comes from this file:


Yes, it's a small thing but if your work gets interrupted multiple times a day it's a huge loss in productivity (because of the context switching and micro decisions).


You need to add this to your functions.php or your system plugin. This code overrides the check dismissed_no_secure_connection_notice and sets it to true and this serves as if every user on the site has dismissed the WooCommerce not-ssl notice.

// WC shows a warning about SSL. Let's not scare the user
add_filter('get_user_metadata', 'orb_tutorial_4631_wc_suppress_non_ssl', 20, 4);

 * Blog post link:
 * Author Slavi Marinov |
 * @param mixed $val
 * @param int $object_id
 * @param string $meta_key
 * @param bool $single
 * @return bool
function orb_tutorial_4631_wc_suppress_non_ssl($val, $object_id, $meta_key, $single) {
	if ($meta_key == 'dismissed_no_secure_connection_notice') {
		$val = true;

	return $val;