There's tons of articles explaining what WooCommerce is and how much its market share is so I am going straight to get to the point.

It seems after a certain version WooCommerce team has decided not to ship language packs with the plugin. You have been probably wondering why your site is in different language and WooCommerce keeps showing its screens in English i.e. ignoring the WPLANG (constant or settings option).
The benefit of shipping the language packs separately is that WooCommerce will take less space and will be quicker to install and update.

The language packs can be downloaded from the link below.

After you download the selected language pack you need to unzip it into the following directory. Do make sure that the unzipped files are in that folder and not in a subfolder.


For example if you want to switch to the Bulgarian language here is how the files in the folder should look like i.e. not in a subfolder.

  • YOUR_WP_DIR/wp-content/languages/plugins/
  • YOUR_WP_DIR/wp-content/languages/plugins/woocommerce-admin-bg_BG.po
  • YOUR_WP_DIR/wp-content/languages/plugins/woocommerce-bg_BG.po
  • YOUR_WP_DIR/wp-content/languages/plugins/


If you haven't changed the default WordPress language you can do so by going to:

WP Admin > Settings > General > Site Language and pick the language from the dropdown menu.

Here is a video how to do the steps.


Common issues / questions.

  • woocommerce admin is still in English
  • woocommerce fix WPLANG
  • woocommerce ignores WPLANG
  • woocommerce ignores $locale
  • define('WPLANG', 'SOME_LANGUAGE'); - this probably no longer works.