Why is it super important to break down the work into the smallest possible piece?

Have you asked yourself this question?

If you're ambitious as I am you may feel overwhelmed by the size of your vision.
You don't have to be. Watch this great TEDx video: How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals by Stephen Duneier


Basically, Stephen suggests we start working on the smallest task from a given project for a small period of time. Then do something else and then come back to the task.

I have tried this method and it works great because it's easier for the mind to understand a simple task and do it with a delay. If it's a bigger task the brain/mind will think that the task will consume lots of (mental) energy and some weird mechanisms kick in. It will try to distract you because it wants to conserve mental every single ounce of energy at all costs.

When doing a small task the brain allows it to go through.

I think that also switching between different types of tasks mental and physical is good (my parents keep saying that to me all the time) as it gives chance to the brain to do its work in the background. For example as I am writing this paragraph I've interrupted myself to prepare some tea, coffee and breakfast.

Do you remember what Jack Canfied said in the "Secret" (the Movie) ... to get from A to B you only need to see 100-200 feet in front of you in order to get to your destination.


Small tasks don't look that important at first but when there are a lot at some point they will amount to bigger things.

What is the smallest tasks that you will work on today?