OBJ character in WordPress post/page title

I recently noticed that some of my articles started including a weird OBJ character at the end in the post title.
My process of writing articles is in Google Docs first. It's a very convenient way to write. I can even voice type as well to improve my productivity. When I am done with an article I would copy and paste the content into WordPress.
I suspect some invisible characters are being added to the buffer when the text is copied.

It seems WordPress is not able to clear all of the characters that may have been included when you copied the text.

It's really annoying to see those random obj characters being inserted in post/page titles.
They are not visible during the editing process but when you preview the article on the public side of your WordPress site.

Solution: How to remove the OBJ box at the end of the title

The main idea is to paste the text as plain text.

You can do one of the following

  • Just retype the text again in the title
  • If you want to be more efficient you can do CTRL+SHIFT+V (Windows) and CMD+SHIFT+V (Mac)
  • Paste the title into a text editor first and then copy it again and then paste it into WordPress.

The main idea is to paste the text as plain text.

That process should strip the invisible characters.

Let us know if it worked for you.

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