You need to install Popup Maker WordPress Plugin and activate it. You can search within WordPress admin. WP-Admin > Plugins > Add

Here's the plan to create a simple pop up

You're a pro so let's skip the tour.
Put some content
In our case we just needed to show some content and not ask for any user details.
That simplified things are lot.

the next step is to configure which pages to show the pop up.
We chose all posts, pages.
Then decided to make it show up after 5 seconds. There's a nice slider.
Then configure how the popup can be closed.
Then the layout/design which is named …
the duration could be a week (the default was set to a month) which is quite long.

It was quite easy to set up the pop up.
Going through the code showed up too many files.
The size of the plugin is about 3-4 MB when uncompressed.
There are lots of files but without passing it through some debugging tools it's hard to tell if all of that was necessary.
I think this plugin should have been a smaller plugin.
Maybe the developer wanted to write lots of code :)

What can you use the popups for?

You can create popups for:

  • Email opt-in
  • Content upgrade popups
  • Promotions
  • Lead gen popups
  • Ecommerce popups
  • Contact form popups
  • Announcements
  • .. or if you wish to annoy some users :)

Disclaimer: The content in this post is for educational purposes only. Always remember to take a backup before doing any of the suggested steps just to be on the safe side.
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