So you want to learn WordPress? That’s a pretty good idea. In times when nearly everything goes digital, everyone has to know WordPress. It’s far more useful to start sharing things on your own site/blog rather than on the social media sites.

By writing on your site you make your own site more valuable and not social media sites.

So you’ve decided to start learning WordPress and your first step is to head to YouTube and other learning platforms. Then you realize that you need a domain and web hosting. You don’t have to reach for your wallet right away.

There are services that offer free subdomains and which are almost like domains.

A subdomain is additional domain, attached to a main one. For example is the main domain name. Where is a subdomain of Orbisius. The domain and subdomain are separated by a period (.).

Although there is a relation between the two, the content of the subdomain can be different than the content of the main domain. A lot of sites allow subdomains to be created and used by users free of charge. This can ease learning WordPress learning process. This way of learning,  is accessible and affordable and preferred by WordPress beginners.

Using a free subdomain is great for learning because …

  • You do not need to buy domain name or pay for hosting
  • The services that offer a free subdomain takes care of hosting & management which you don’t need to know right away and this will help you with the learning process
  • You don’t have to install WordPress (right away)
  • whatever goes bad the result can not be that catastrophic for anything, but only for your ego
  • you can see the results of your learning and the application of the knowledge gained in real time
  • there is pretty good support while learning, whether trough the main domain, blog or any other mean

You can create a site on The registration is easy and free.

You can start learning and experimenting with WordPress that way.

As as you advance you’ll eventually hit some limits where you’ll need to pay for addons. That’s ok and it’s completely normal to give back to the platform that has helped you start. I am sure there are quite expenses to keep the service going.

There is another alternative for WordPress beginners. What we call it “the treasure box” to learn WordPress with free subdomain, or also known simply as . Disclaimer: we’ve created it J so it’s good.

It’s great for learning WordPress.  You get a free test site with full administrative access to WordPress…. and it’s free to start.

qSandbox allows you to experiment with themes and plugins.

If you mess things up you can delete it and start over no problem.

If you need more space or additional features you can always upgrade.

You can create a site and use as a template for another project.
You can download the site at at any time from within the control panel or using a migration plugin such a Duplicator. You’re not locked into the system.

The paid plans offer many features such as FTP accounts, FileCabinet which you can use as a share folder among all your test sites under that account.

qSandbox saves all your outgoing emails so you won’t accidentally send emails to your clients by accident. You can use that feature to check for typos or for troubleshooting.

Yet, or Be brave and learn WordPress.


Disclaimer: The content in this post is for educational purposes only. Always remember to take a backup before doing any of the suggested steps just to be on the safe side.
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