By a timed effect here I mean do some animation and then redirect the user to a page.
Requirements: jQuery (and Javascript)
Download the file: How to implement a timed effect with jQuery

Here is how to accomplish that:

[code language="js"]
This function performs some effects on a target_obj and after 2.5 sec redirects to a location defined by ahref_obj
Usage: in shopping carts e.g. when someone adds a product then some animation is perfomed to make the user aware that something is happening.
License: LGPL
Author: Svetoslav Marinov
function my_timed_effect(target_obj, ahref_obj) {
jQuery(target_obj).attr('style', 'font-weight:bold;').fadeOut("slow").fadeIn("slow").show('slow');
setTimeout('document.location="' + ahref_obj.href + '"', 2000);

[code language="html"]
Add a product
Add a product (go to after the animation)

This example will perform the animation and then redirect where the link points.

How would you do the same effect ?
Are there any other option(s) ?

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