This is so common situation when somebody decides to copy a directory that contains SVN files which also has locally modified files.
Therefore a clean export won't do the job.
Here is what I do to clean up the new folder from the SVN files.

This command will display all the .SVN folders starting from the current folder.

Be yourself i.e. not root :D just in case.

find . -type d -name '*.svn' -print

Example Output:


What I do is check the folders visually and then use my editor to search & replace:
"./" and replace it with "rm -rf ./"


rm -rf ./js/.svn
rm -rf ./templates/.svn
rm -rf ./.svn
rm -rf ./css/.svn
rm -rf ./images/.svn

Then I paste this in the console window.

rm is a dangerous command so be careful!
Your precious work could be gone in a fraction of a second!