From time to time you may need to check if featured images actually exist in the local file system.

The files may not have been successfully transferred during a recent WordPress migration to a new webhost. The tool below looks for posts who have a featured image set and check if the file exists locally.

If it doesn’t, it will report it and will give you an edit link to the post.

This free tool requires php 5.3+ and wp-cli to be installed on the server. It checks for wp-cli in several locations and if it can’t find it then it gives up.

You can start the script from your browser or from the command line. Some servers will make the browser wait before they show any output. That depends on the server set up. When you run the script from the command line it will show you the progress.



Download Links (same):


1) download the file on your computer

2) upload the file where your WordPress installation is. You should be seeing wp-config.php
a) browser usage: upload to wp dir and visit

b)  command line usage

php orbisius_fmf.php -doutput_buffering=off > posts.html

then open posts.html by going