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If you are using WordPress professionally or for personal reasons - you are unquestionably deep into the online world, you know the meaning and importance of image alt tags. However, it is not a secret that if you are using WordPress daily, you have the struggle of writing and editing every image ALT tag one by one. It is a slow-moving step that must be done to efficiently get the SEO right. You certainly have tried to make your job easier with some plugin, but have you managed to overcome the difficulties of writing each media property separately?

Nowadays, WordPress has a number of plugins available to use on it, and still, the Orbisius Media Property Editor plugin is standing out from the crowd by providing you a professional and easy way to bulk edit the attachment properties.

Users who have already taken advantage of it, are more than satisfied with the options given and the time saved.

Let’s learn a few things about image alt tags, Orbisius Media Property Editor, and the significance of writing and simply editing more alt tags:

The marketers who use image alt tags to improve the SEO of a new or an existing website also know the importance of understanding the alt tags and their proper use of them. No matter if you are a content writer, web developer, or UI designer, you should always be aware of adding images throughout the text to improve the overall experience and to keep the customer’s journey on the website on a high level of delight. The image alt tag is the text that is shown when there is some problem and the image is not displaying right. They are very important and have a critical role in the process of search engine optimization website improvement. Following the fact that Google is ranking the alt tags too, every alt tag text is indexed by Google and each of them is improving your SEO and is getting you higher on the search engine results page. You should always write alt tags accurately and related to the image added, so the search engine spiders can understand your image in the right way and improve the ranking of your website.

The people who are sightless and visually impaired and are using screen readers are also enjoying the benefit of having an image alt tag. If there is an image alt tag, they can hear what the image is about and better understand it, instead of hearing a random text or numbers. So, you have two crucial benefits related to the usage of relevant image alt tags.

When it comes to the context of the image alt tag, you can always add a keyword or a focus keyword phrase to it. The text should be descriptive and explain the image concisely. Choose your alt tag carefully, while providing useful information to all your readers. Do not do keyword stuffing, since it will not improve your SEO and it will be registered as a spam attempt. It is better to add appropriate tags that are connected with the page content than to write more words that are unnecessary.

To write proper alt text for every image on your website can be a very time-consuming task. But, it is still an important one. That is why you should try the Orbisius Media Property Editor intended for WordPress, provided by us.

With Orbisius Media Property Editor, you can improve the overall web experience and enhance the process of writing image alt tags. By using it, you can edit media file’s properties from a single page. In regards to the prices related to the Orbisius Media Property Editor, they are very affordable for both small and medium enterprises. The price depends on the type of license you decide to buy. There are three types of licenses you can get: Single site for 1 Domain, Multi-site for 3 Domains, and Developer license through which you get unlimited Domains.

The updates & support for are up to 1 year after order date.

Orbisius Media Property Editor allows you to load more than one image at a time, and to write Titles, Image ALT tags, Captions, and Description to all of them on a single page. It is very facilitating to know that you do not need to scroll and look after each image one by one to add a new or edit the already written text.

On our Orbisius YouTube channel, we have given detailed instructions on how you can use the Editor, how to export and import your WordPress images along their attributes in an easy way. You can export a .csv file of all your images in a defined period and update their records. After that, you can easily import the updated file through the plugin and get the work done in just a few minutes. Please note that if you want a row to be skipped, you should add a 0 to the ID column. Otherwise, keep the “hash” column so the Media Editor can recognize which rows and attributes are changed.

You can test drive of the plugin on our website and see how it works before buying it.

The key benefits of this Media Editor are:

- Bulk editing and quick update to all image properties

- Improvement of your SEO rank and website experience

- Load files added within the last hours, days, weeks, months, or year.

If you have any questions regarding this WordPress editor, or you want to proceed with buying it and you have some uncertainties, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with any further information.

To get the plugin visit Orbisius Media Property Editor product page.

The SEO process is long-run and you should properly use every resource to get the most of it. With the Orbisius Media Property Editor, you can save a lot of time on labor duties and use that time to explore new ideas, try new things, and focus on your core competencies.


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