We have compiled a list of 25 different ways to generate income with your skills and with WordPress. Some are quick, while others may require more time and effort to be developed. It’s important to be patient and put the necessary effort to see the result in your bank account. Getting rich the right way is a slow process. By rich we mean rich in terms of personal fulfillment and also value and benefits for others.

The following 25 ideas of making money with WordPress may require skills that you don’t have (yet) but if you’re curious you can learn anything. You need to absorb new information and practice every single day.

Here is the full list of 25 ways on how to make money with WordPress. 

If you have suggestions for additional ways let us know!

  1. Affiliate marketing - set up a website with niche content and review or discuss products or services that offer affiliate programs. For example, it is a good idea to set up a website for review of juicers and tips on smoothie recipes and put referral links to the website of the online store for juicers. If someone buys, you get paid; Have you checked https://bixt.net ?
  2. Create Custom WordPress plugins - if you know your way around WordPress and a bit of php, you can create custom plugins and sell them to relevant target audiences. Just make sure to update them regularly and take care of any bugs and problems that they might have; Uploading them in the official WordPress repository is a great way to start and get some exposure.
  3. Create websites for small businesses - it is true that WordPress is not so hard to figure out, but many small businesses around the world don’t have an online presence yet. For them it is perfect to have a WordPress set up and maintained for a small amount of money; There are tons of resources that you can use to figure things out if you don’t have enough experience yet. By the way, you can use qSandbox.com to practice and learn.
  4. Display advertising - here the magic words often are Google Ads. If you have good traffic to your website, just add the JavaScript widget and Google will display the relevant ads that are related to the topics you blog about. If your content is good and the target audience is on the level, the results will come shortly; 
  5. Set up an online store - selling things online has never been easier. You don’t even have to own the products and goods. There are so many dropshipping options available. You need to do some research to find the right niche and start selling. Do you need an online store? You can try Shopify or Go359.com
  6. Configure plugins, themes, integration - this also requires some deeper level of WP knowledge from the developer's perspective. There are a lot of people out there who need a plugin configured for their website but don’t know how to configure it and integrate it and are ready to pay someone to do it. Take advantage of that!;
  7. Sell sponsored content - if you have a blog or WordPress website that is going well and has a good audience base you can reach out to brands with offers to post sponsored stories; 
  8. Get paid for writing - if you are good at creating written content just go to the people that need such services and have WordPress websites. You can write blog posts, articles, and event the text for the whole website; 
  9. Receive donations. This again is an option for people with established audiences of readers or fanbase. Monetize on that - people would love to donate or pay for premium content if it gives them added value; You can set up paypal donation button or Patreon link to receive donations from your fans
  10. Organize free and paid online events - the market for paid courses online is going to be bigger and bigger. Set up a WordPress website for online training and events. Choose the right speakers, the right subject and reach out to the target audience with an offer; Free events will attract more people and later you can do some promotions;
  11. Paid customization - WordPress themes are the skeleton of every website but in a lot of cases they need to be customized to the needs of each brand or business. Most people don’t have the skills or time to do that. If you have them - offer your services!; Check out WP Jobs
  12. Consult others online - if you are good in a specific area you can start consulting other businesses or professionals online. Accounting skills and a good WordPress website? Sounds like a good combination!; You can do this over Google Meet or Zoom.
  13. Sell your website - some people create a WordPress website, establish a good readership base and then sell the whole thing to a third-party business such as media houses and others; At some point you may want to explore other opportunities and package your site and sell it to somebody who can continue growing it.
  14. Promote yourself and earn money - you can always create a website where you can showcase yourself. Create a place that can serve as an online portfolio for you. It might be good for photographers, models, public speakers, coaches, etc.; 
  15. Set up a marketplace for renting/selling goods - a lot of people have some stuff laying around that they don’t use all the time (or at all). If you set up a marketplace to help them rent/sell them you can quickly make money from advertising or commissions; 
  16. Online job fair - there are quite a lot of spaces that connect people that need a job with people that offer a job. It might be for full-time positions or freelance projects. It is important to know how you can add value to both sides in the process. If you manage to do that, you will get paid; 
  17. WordPress website design - in the text above we wrote about customization. Website design is just a small part of this. If you can handle only making the designs, that works as well; 
  18. SEO services - every website and business needs a good SEO to be ranked better by Google. If you know how to promote your services among people with WordPress websites; 
  19. Digital Marketing - if people have a business online it needs to be advertised. It might be on social media or Google Ads. However, if you are good then you have a target audience in front of you;
  20. Create online stores - WordPress + WooCommerce is a great combination for online stores in the world. If you have the skills needed to help businesses create their online stores, take advantage of that and get noticed;
  21. Create WordPress themes - if you have the needed skills this is something you can do. Design and create WordPress themes and sell them online; 
  22. Review products, services, and businesses - a lot of people pay good money for getting reviews. The hard part is not so much getting this type of job rather than having the skills to write a good review; You may have to disclose that you were paid or received samples for a given review. 
  23. Advice about website security - a lot of people have the skills to set up a WordPress website, but few know the details about how to make it secure. You can get paid for consulting on such matters; 
  24. Sell your stock photos and videos - if you are selling stock photos and videos it is good to have a personal website from where you can do this too; 
  25. Training / Online Courses + Membership site - if you know a certain topic like the back of your hand why not set up a membership site that sells that. Of course you can use platforms such as Udemy, Teachable etc. but when everything is set up on your own website gives you more flexibility and control how things will look and work.
    You can offer online courses as one time purchase or on a subscription based basis.

While compiling the list with 25 earning ideas for WordPress, we tried to cover angles for most of the professionals out there - entrepreneurs, designers, developers, copywriters, and more. Test the one or two that you think are best for you - there is no point in doing 5-6 simultaneously. Know what you are good at and make it work for you. This is how you will get results. If we inspired you with this article and you get rich, don’t forget to call us up and buy us a beer! 

Do you have more ideas on how to make more money with WordPress ?

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