Do you have some questions or have run into a tricky WordPress issue that you don't know how to solve or if there are way too many options. We hear you. Let's have a free meeting without an obligation to buy.

  • Is your server showing you warnings?
  • Database connectivity ?
  • PHP 8 problems?
  • Maybe you are looking to hire a developer but don't know if they are a good or if they actual WordPress developer who can program things
  • Is your WordPress slow?
  • Quick php code review
  • Was your WordPress site hacked?

How it works

  1. You fill out the form and describe the issue or what you're after.
  2. We check for the available dates and also email you to see if you're available at that time and schedule a meeting via Google meet
  3. We analyze what was discussed. Everything is confidential by default. We can optionally record the meeting so you can refer to it later or forward it to a colleague.
  4. We send you the recommendations
  5. You decide what to do next and who to implement the recommendations us or somebody else.

Consultation Form

Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to check about day and time which work for all of us.
Keep in mind that 20 minutes will not be enough to fix a big WordPress issue. We can give you pointers though.
A troubleshooting session usually takes between 2-5 hours.