Generates a random name based on a keyword list that you define.


This plugin is for people who want to have a
* Random Name Generator
* Random Pet Name Generator
* Random Baby Name Generator
* Random Domain Name Generator
* Random random stuff :)

Supported keyword separators: ,;| and new line

If you want a customization. Do contact us


How it works

Create a page and insert the shortcode and define the keywords. You can pick how to define the keywords from the examples below.

Option 1: pass words as a parameter

[orbisius_random_name_generator words="word1, word2, word3"]

Option 2: pass words between the opening and closing tags.


Option 3: pass words between the opening and closing tags and separate them by comma

word1, word2, word3

Possible improvements

  • combine in pairs
  • add copy button so the random name is copied to the clipboard.
  • source from URL e.g. loading a file from a link or google spreadsheets (csv)
  • send the random name to a friend

If you want to suggest a feature post it here:

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