Swiss Army Knife for WordPress is a standalone script which allows you to perform some recovery operations on your WordPress site. This script is intended to be used for a short time only and then removed in order to prevent security issues.


Upload !sak4wp.php in the folder where your WordPress installation is. Then open your browser and navigate to!sak4wp.php

Note: The file name is intentionally prefixed by an exclamation mark (!) to make sure the file appears first in the list of files, even above .htaccess. That way you should be able to see it in case you forget the file.


  • Dashboard - Shows some description about the app.
  • Self contained. You just need to upload one file. It outputs JavaScript and CSS files however returns header not modified to make the page load faster.
  • Built-in Self Destroy mechanism (must be user triggered) -> the script will try to remove itself. If that is not accessible (due to permissions issues). The user must delete the !sak4wp.php file manually (e.g. by using an FTP client or accessing the file from a control panel).
  • When data is shown in tables the currently viewed row is nicely highlited.


Limit Login Attempts related features

  • Allows you to Unblock yourself or somebody else from Limit Login Attempts plugin
  • Added a link to a whois service to see more info about the blocked IP.

Stats Module

  • It shows WordPress site stats e.g. number of posts, pages, users, attachments, revisions etc. Numbers are nicely formatted.
  • Db version info, db config details parsed from wp-config.php
  • Shows if you are running an older or the latest WordPress version. Links to update and to the latest wp are provided.

List Page Templates

  • This module allows you to see which page templates are use by your pages.

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Just the file (do save as):!sak4wp.php

or the whole project

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