Email hosting should be planned. Normally people just use the same hosting provider that hosts their WordPress site.

This is not the best approach. As always it's better to keep things as organized as possible and delegate as much as possible.

For this reason it's good to use a service provider that specifically focuses on email hosting.

The email hosting that we are currently using are:

  • Google Workspace
  • Zoho Mail

Regardless of the email provider you pick we can assist you.

The benefits of using a dedicate Email Hosting provider

They are numerous. When your site starts requiring more and more resources you'll have to start researching a new WordPress hosting providers that can handle the load.

Then comes the hard part: The migration.

If it's a regular marketing WordPress site it can go smoothly, however, if you have an e-commerce site then it's a bit more involved.

If you've been using the same hosting provider for your emails you'll have to recreate the email account at the new hosting provider. What if the new hosting provider's servers are not as efficient as you'd hoped them to be?