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    I am working on a shop, were I use the quick order pluggin. When I create a category and add products to it, not all the products are listed. I can see that the products are in the category, but do not show.
    I removed products and added news ones, but still the same. http://www.koffiepartners.h-dv.nl


    Slavi Marinov

    Hi Martin,

    I apologize I must have missed your question.
    Currently, the quick order plugin loads simple and variable products.

    Do you have other product types?



    I am having issues with this as well. After entering short code that should be entered on the quick order page. I will not pull the product from the variable products. So it will say it is not in stock when really there are 4650 items. I also want to
    -know how to add columns with more information
    -figure out how to not pull the product from ID and somehow use the sku #.


    Slavi Marinov

    Hi Jenna,

    Sorry, to hear that.

    OK. I found that this page has the quick order installed.

    What I go to a product page ( e.g. http://treesusa.wpengine.com/catalog/alapaha-blueberry/ ) I see a variation BUT I don’t see the pricing there. Is the product configured correctly?
    Also, are you running the latest version of the plugin (v1.0.4)?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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