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    Slavi Marinov

    We are happy to release our latest plugin called Orbisius Price Changer for WooCommerce.

    = Features / Benefits =
    * Allows your users to quickly change and preview the price change
    * You can list all of the products or just from a selected category.
    * Bulk price change (both for Sale and Regular prices)
    * Allows you to put products on sale by reducing the regular price by an amount or percetange and save it the sale price.
    * Showing a report after the update to see what has changed and what hasn’t
    * Apply multiple price change scenarios (incrase by 10% but then decrese by $5) and finally save the final price
    * Checks for WooCommerce if it is installed or not and displays a notice to warn the user.
    * The plugin checks and if the price was changed then the product info is updated (saving resources).
    * Select if you want to change Sale Price or Regular or Both
    * Added visual hint which price was changed via different highlighting.
    * Added a keyword search to load only specific products that match a certain keyword.
    * Added a dropdown to limit the number of the returned results.
    * Added an option to delete prices if -1 is entered
    * Added an option so 0 put in sale prices makes the product free
    * Allows you to select which products to update by clicking on a few checkboxes.
    * A nice User Interface for easy row selection by clicking on Product ID or thumbnail
    * Quick buttons to reset prices (sale or regular) to original one, make all products free, remove sale prices to all products

    For more info to go: http://orbisius.com/products/wordpress-plugins/woocommerce-extensions/orbisius-woocommerce-ext-price-changer/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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