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    I have created the child theme but since there is no code in the style.css I have no idea how to add or make changes. I have looked at the editor but I’m still lost. Specifically I have a facebook javascript SDK that I am supposed to add in the body tag. I could stick it in the parent theme style, but that’s contrary to the whole point of the child theme. I’m really missing something. Can anyone help me understand?

    Thank you

    Slavi Marinov


    The style.css is empty because a months ago we’ve upgraded the plugin to use a better way of loading child css style via functions.php.

    To answer your question: to add the facebook SDK you can edit header or footer files in the child theme.
    You can edit those from the Orbisius Theme Editor under appearance.

    I have the feeling that there’s a better approach. Have you checked if there’s a plugin that will allow you to accomplish what you’re after?
    It’s plugin’s job to load facebook’s sdk.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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