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If you’re a developer that uses PHPStorm to write awesome code please read below.

PHPStorm is a pretty smart & intelligent IDE.

The thing is when it comes to debugging and if you have several projects open it would annoyingly ask you to select which project to debug. every. single. time unless the debug listening is turned off.


Let’s say you have organized your sites into folders. Having subdomains is time consuming to set up. With folders it’s way easier to do so. You can have a self signed SSL certificate for the main site and you’re good to go.

So the set up is this.




When a request comes in for /saas-app/my-app/mkt/site/ the debugger should be able to smartly identify which product to open a debugging session for.

Currently it keeps prompting and this is counterproductive and annoying at the same time.

How to vote for this PHPStorm feature

Just visit the following link and click on Login button (top right) and either enter your details or use the services listed there to login. Then click on the little thumb.


If you have other suggestions please comment on the feature to bring some more attention to it.

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