Orbisius WordPress Plugin Bundle

Get ALL Orbisius premium plugins at one single price.
We can also get you a discount for qSandbox (WordPress staging Sites)  and Static Optimizer (Image and Other Static File Optimization) plugin & service. Contact us for a code after a purchase.

Note: Each license (except lifetime) expires in one year after the purchase date. Within the year you'll release updates and support.


Bundle Deal

Get ALL Orbisius premium plugins for one single price.

You can pick a licenses that gives you access to 1 site, 3 sites or unlimited domain licenses.
Note: Buying this bundle gives you updates, bug fixes and support for up to one year after the purchase date.
With lifetime license you will get access to updates, bug fixes and support for the lifetime of the product (as long as it’s maintained, usually many years).

What plugins are included?

You can check the full bullet point list here:

Some of the plugins have demos. You can find them in the Orbisius Store

How it works

  1. You select the license and purchase the WordPress bundle.
  2. Complete the payment
  3. After the payment your account will be upgraded.
    Note: For the moment we will verify the transaction manually and will upgrade the account within 24-48 hours.
  4. After your account is upgraded you can then go to Downloads page and download any plugin
  5. Later you can maybe generate a license key for each plugin. To do that you need to go to Account > Licenses

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