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Do you want load custom css style and js depending on the currently logged in user?



Have you ever wanted to load CSS and JavaScript file for each user that is logged in? That way you’d be able to customize the user interface depending on needs.

This plugin will help you load a different CSS style or JavaScript for the public side or for the admin area.

All you need to do is connect with your favourite FTP client and create these folders. Where USERNAME is the username you’d like to load the custom CSS or js for.


Within that user specific folder you can have:

styles: create style.css or admin_style.css

scripts: script.js or admin_script.js

The files are loaded only when they are supposed to. We’re using the file’s last modification time as a version which is a great way to always deliver the latest version to the user.

The plugin is smart and doesn’t run if WordPress is doing an ajax call or performing a cron (maintenance) job.

Additionally the css files are loaded right after the theme has loaded its styles so we can override any previous css styles.



loading css in admin side for user

loading css in admin side for user

loading css on public side for user

loading css on public side for user


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