Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2015)

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday are almost here so we have prepared 2 coupon codes for you. Coupon code: BF2015_CLUB_EARLY_BIRD gives you 50% off (expires Nov 26 at midnight) Coupon code: BF2015_CLUB gives you 30% off (valid from Nov 27 until Nov 30 at midnight) Possible Next Steps: Browse our WooCommerce extensions or All Premium plugins and enter one of the codes in the coupon code box. P.S. Last week we've released our 40th premium WordPress plugin!   Do you need a quick way (seconds!) to set up a test WordPress site? Then you need to check out qSandbox...

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New module added in SAK4WP

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We've made another update to our Swiss Army Knife for WordPress (SAK4WP ) project. We've added a new module called PostMeta. The PostMeta module retrieves meta information for a given post/page or multiple posts, pages separated by comma. The search can also be done using post/page slug. The meta information also contains post and author info. Here is a demo. Setup WordPress site in seconds? No way! Don't believe me? Visit qSandbox for more...

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Newest plugins:

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We are happy to announce some cool plugins. Check them out! Orbisius CyberStore Ext: PayPal Micropayments ($) Orbisius PayPal Micropayments for WooCommerce ($) Orbisius Simple Notice Orbisius Theme Fixer Contact Form 7 UI   Like Videos? If you prefer a video just click on the play button below...

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Club is live!

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We have launched our Club club site called Club Orbisius. Read Club Orbisius page for more info. With Club Orbisius you get access to many plugins at an affordable price. See plans for more...

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Ooops! We broke Child theme creator plugin & we've pushed a new version. If your site is still broken here's a video how to fix it  Let us know if you need help with the fix. We'll fix your site at no additional cost.